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Congratulations to Sergio Silva!

Please join us in congratulating Sergio Silva, a graduate student specializing in early modern Iberian studies and historical memory, on the publication of his podcast episode, "Afterlives in Stone." Brilliantly incorporating testimony from members of the African American descendants of the enslaved laborers who built the University of Virginia, archival documents from the freed communty of nineteenth-century Charlottesville, and Pablo Neruda's 20th century poetry, Sergio's podcast offers a new way of understanding historical trauma, memory, and the redress of racial inequity both locally a

ESL On the Go!

★ What?

○ A virtual English as a second language tutoring program developed to improve the English skills of native Spanish
○ Continuously running since January 2021; have or am currently working with volunteers from 8 universities
○ Spanish speakers are from the northern Delaware/Pennsylvania area
○ Volunteers are typically Spanish majors or minors from various universities

★ When?

○ Zoom meetings are tailored to volunteers’ and Spanish speakers’ availability
○ Typically 1-3 times per week for 30-60 minutes

Distinguished Visiting Professor, Fall Semester 2021

We have the great pleasure in announcing that Mr. Federico Díaz Granados will be our Distinguished Visiting Professor this Fall!

Mr. Federico Díaz Granados, who resides in Bogotá, Colombia, is one of the most prominent voices in contemporary Spanish-American poetry. Close to 200 critics from more than 100 universities (Harvard, Oxford, Columbia, and Princeton, among them) elected him the most significant Colombian poet born after 1970.


News & Announcements

Allison Bigelow Wins Book Award from American Historical Association

October 20, 2021

Congratulations to Allison Bigelow, who has just received the 2021 ... Read»

Le utz a wach? Come learn K'iche' at UVA! (Institute of World Languages)

October 18, 2021

From the Institute of World Languages: thanks to a collaborative program with Duke and Vanderbilt Universities, UVA students can study a range of less-commonly taught languages. By pooling our... Read»

A Conversation with Takoua Ben Mohamed (Italian)

October 15, 2021

A conversation (in Italian) between Italian Studies faculty Hiromi Kaneda and Stella Mattioli with Takoua Ben Mohammed, a Tunisian-Italian cartoonist, illustrator, graphic journalist, and video... Read»

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