The study abroad program in Florence offers students a cosmopolitan experience among a large group of fellow students in the magnificent, incomparable Tuscan capital city. UVa belongs to the exclusive Florence Consortium, a small team of American public universities that together initiate and supervise academic programming. The program is offered in affiliation with the International Studies Institute at the Palazzo Rucellai.  UVa in Florence is a transfer credit program.

 The benefits of UVa in Florence include:

  • FLORENCE – no other Italian city matches the fabled "Firenze," with its overflowing abundance of artistic and architectural masterpieces.  The program's own main facilities are housed in the famous Palazzo Rucellai, an early Renaissance landmark exhibiting the work of many renowned artists, designers and builders. Just walking to class students will come into daily contact with countless monuments to Tuscan beauty and ingenuity;
  • HOUSING OPTIONS -- apartment living with fellow American students;
  • SIZE -- a larger program, serving 100-200 students from UVa and other American universities and colleges;
  • LANGUAGE LEARNING -- students attending UVa in Florence take Italian (one course/term); language learning can be augmented by participation in various internships involving the student in different aspects of the Florentine social and public life;
  • COURSES -- UVa in Florence offers a wide array of courses; innovative tracks and concentrations allow students to pursue studies in disciplines as varied as Sustainability, Business, Architecture, Arts Management, Classics, Studio and Performing Arts, Renaissance or Modern Italian History and Culture; most classes taught in English with the occasional opportunity to take certain courses in Italian;
  • TRANSFER CREDIT -- UVa in Florence offers transfer credit: credits from coursework completed will transfer, but grades do not. Once courses are selected, students attending UVa in Florence must obtain transfer credit approval -- unlike other transfer credit programs, however, the UVa in Florence curriculum has been vetted already by UVa faculty and depts. The appropriate UVa course equivalencies have already been assigned in most cases, making the transfer credit approvals an easy process.  For more information on the differences between direct credit and transfer credit, click here.

For more details, go to UVa in Florence or contact Professor Francesca Calamita (fc4j@virginia.edu), Program Director of UVA in Florence.