Spanish Program

With an estimated 470 million native speakers, and another 90 million people who have learned the language, Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world. It is spoken in more than 20 countries, and preserves in its sounds and syntaxes a rich history of language contact with Arabic, Latin, and the many languages of the Americas.

Around the world and here in Charlottesville, Spanish is a key language of connection and community.

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In 1787 Thomas Jefferson wrote:

“Spanish. Bestow great attention on this and endeavor to acquire an accurate knowledge of it. Our future connection with Spain and Spanish America will render that language a valuable acquisition.”

Jefferson’s words have never rung more true than they do in today’s interconnected world. As the language of one of the most influential and complex cultures of the Old and New Worlds, and as the second language of the United States, Spanish is a vital part of our global and local community.

The University of Virginia has long been recognized as a leading national center for the study of languages, literature and culture. In his original plan for the University, founder Thomas Jefferson established a School of Modern Languages offering instruction in Anglo-Saxon, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Jefferson’s commitment to language study has been maintained, and today the Spanish Department is ranked at the top among public universities. With over sixteen faculty members and visiting scholars in Spanish, and more than forty graduate students and instructors, the Department offers a broad variety of language, culture and literature courses, leading to Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Spanish and Latin American studies.

Spanish Tutoring

The Spanish tutor list is maintained by the Department of Spanish, Italian & Portuguese. The department does not offer free tutoring services. Individuals from this list are contracted independent of any participation by the department. They establish their own scheduling and fee rates for tutoring services. If you are interested in tutoring, you may contact one of the tutors in our department. Please consult the list of currently available tutors.

La Casa Bolívar often offers free tutoring for undergraduate students. For more information, please contact the Casa Bolívar In-Residence Director.


La Casa Bolívar (The Spanish House)

THE SPANISH HOUSE through its name, La Casa Bolívar, honors U.Va's first Latin American student, Fernando Bolívar, nephew of patriot Simon Bolívar. Since 1980, La Casa Bolívar has housed about two dozen students each academic year, allowing them with an atmosphere to improve their Spanish (the official language of the house), and to earn one credit in the process. La Casa Bolívar is open to all upperclass undergraduates and applications are available on the Casa Bolívar website (see Vivir en La Casa). For further information, please contact the Casa Bolívar In-Residence Director.

Applications for the 2021-2020 academic year will be available in October, 2020. The application deadline for 2021-2020 is TBD. The process entails completing a written application and attending a group interview hosted by current house residents. After the application is received, the director will contact you to organize an individual interview.

Casa Bolívar will also host an Open House Event on TBD between 11:30 am and 3:00 pm for students who are interested in living at La Casa.

CINE CLUB/FILM CLUB - Every Tuesday  at 6:30pm La Casa Bolívar shows a movie in Spanish with English subtitles. Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to attend as well as faculty and employees of the University. For the current listing of movies and other activities, please visit the Casa Bolívar website. For more information please contact the Casa Bolívar In-Residence Director.

CENA & TERTULIA - A conversation group meets  the Casa Bolívar on every Monday-Thursday 5:30pm-6:30pm. For more in information, please visit the Casa Bolívar website. For more information please contact the Casa Bolívar In-Residence Director.

Círculo Literario: every Thursday 4PM

ABC CAFÉ:  a biweekly event, held now on Wednesdays at 3:45 PM

Student Life

There are many student groups dedicated to Latinx and Latin American communities, and they program a wide variety of cultural, artistic, and information events. To learn more about some of the many groups in which our students participate, please follow the links below.


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