List of Currently Available Tutors (Spanish)

Tutoring Services

Tutoring services are provided for U.Va. students ONLY. This list of Italian and Spanish tutors is maintained by the Department of Spanish, Italian & Portuguese as a service. The department does not provide free tutoring. Individuals on this list are contracted independent of the department and establish their own scheduling and fee rates for tutoring services.

Spanish Tutors (Fall 2020)

Tutor's Name Email Address Notes
Julianna Beveridge MA graduate with experience teaching beginner through advance levels of Spanish language. At UVA, I have taught multiple sections of SPAN 2010 (Intermediate) and SPAN 2020 (Advanced), and I have nearly six years of tutoring experience.
Nicole Bonino Hola! Aside from my native Italian, I have near-native proficiency in English (TOEFL, FIRST, GRE, C2 Proficiency CPE certified at Cambridge University) and Spanish (Advanced C2 certified at Instituto Cervantes; PhD in Spanish Language and Literature). I have taught college-level Spanish to American students in both Spain and the United States, and I am certified in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. As a learner and instructor of foreign languages, I can help you develop your four skills (listening, writing, speaking, and reading) in a fast and efficient way at all levels of Spanish and Italian! I am also available for online sessions on whichever platform you prefer. Ciao!
Esperanza Gorriz I am a native speaker from Spain. I have plenty of experience (over 10 years) teaching and tutoring beginner to advanced levels. Currently I am teaching 2020. I am here to help you clarify and understand better the topics and help you be successful in the Spanish class.
Paola Monteros-Freeman I am a native speaker of Spanish, born in Argentina.  I have a BA and a MA in Hispanic Literature, and I am a third year PhD student at UVA.  I have years of experience in teaching- I taught High School, and Intermediate Spanish at UVA (SPAN 2010 and 2020). As a language learner myself, I can relate to the different stages of learning a foreign language. :>). So, let’s give it a try. ​

Loreto Romero Martinez-Eiroa  ¡Hola! I am a PhD student from Sevilla, Spain. I have been teaching Spanish for a long time, as a private tutor, a lecturer and a T.A.; and I am currently writing my dissertation on medieval and early modern literature. As someone deeply interested in grammar as well as in literature, I could help students that are having serious problems understanding the morphological rules of the Spanish language, writing, reading, or simple studying in a foreign language. I am very much willing to work with students dealing with literature in Spanish, especially with regards to Spanish literature from the Middle Ages to the 17th century. In this field, I could provide extra classes, educational and researching resources, help reading and understanding critically texts from these periods, etc.
David Florez-Murillo

“I am a Hispanic linguist, and Spanish native speaker from Colombia with over 9 years of teaching experience at different levels. I have taught SPAN 1060, 2010, and 2020 at UVA. I will be glad to help you make sense of any language-related issue you may have. Feel free to contact me.”

Zaida Villanueva I am a MA graduate and native speaker from Spain with over four years of experience teaching and tutoring beginner through advance levels of Spanish language. I am currently teaching SPAN 2010 and SPAN 2020 at UVA. I am here to help you succeed with Spanish.
Caroline Whitcomb

I am a fourth-year PhD student with experience teaching everything from high school Spanish to all levels at UVA (1000-3000). I love explaining grammar in a way that makes it understandable and concrete, at any level. Please reach out if you need some extra help!