List of Currently Available Tutors (Spanish)

Tutoring Services

Tutoring services are provided for U.Va. students ONLY. This list of Italian and Spanish tutors is maintained by the Department of Spanish, Italian & Portuguese as a service. The department does not provide free tutoring. Individuals on this list are contracted independent of the department and establish their own scheduling and fee rates for tutoring services.

Spanish Tutors (Fall 2022)

Tutor's Name Email Address Notes
Paola Monteros-Freeman I am a native speaker of Spanish, born in Argentina.  I have a BA and a MA in Hispanic Literature, and I am a third year PhD student at UVA.  I have years of experience in teaching- I taught High School, and Intermediate Spanish at UVA (SPAN 2010 and 2020). As a language learner myself, I can relate to the different stages of learning a foreign language. :>). So, let’s give it a try. ​
David Florez-Murillo

“I am a Hispanic linguist, and Spanish native speaker from Colombia with over 9 years of teaching experience at different levels. I have taught SPAN 1060, 2010, and 2020 at UVA. I will be glad to help you make sense of any language-related issue you may have. Feel free to contact me.”

Zaida Villanueva I am a MA graduate and native speaker from Spain with over eight years of experience teaching and tutoring beginner through advance levels of Spanish language. I am currently teaching SPAN 2010 and SPAN 2020 at UVA. I am here to help you succeed with Spanish.


Additionally, the educational resources for k-12 Spanish-speaking English Learners that the students in Professor Esther Poveda's community engagement course sequence created in the 2020 academic year are now available: