Minoring in Italian

Please note: Per university policy, "The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements. These publications may be found at http://www.virginia.edu/registrar/."

For information on the Italian Studies Minor and to declare the minor, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Programs in Italian.  Note: You must have a declared major before declaring a minor, and you must  meet with the departmental advisor for the minor to obtain his/her signature on this form.

The minor in Italian Studies requires completion of a minimum of 18 hours (= 6 courses) as described below. Course taken in the Italian language must be above ITAL 2020, but applicable Italian Studies program courses taught in English (ITTR classes) and/or Group C classes may be taken before completing ITAL 2020. 

Please note that some courses are offered only in fall or spring semesters. Several required courses may be taken through the UVa in Siena program, and faculty-approved transfer credits can also be counted. Please see UVa in Florence for more information about faculty-approved transfer credit. Students intending to minor in Italian are advised to speak to minor advisor before deciding on a study abroad program and/or courses.

Please keep the following in mind: 

1. You must have a declared major before declaring a minor.

2. You may NOT declare an Italian major and an Italian minor.

3. Credits applied toward the Italian minor may NOT also count toward completion of a major.

4. Courses taken on a CR/NC basis may not be included in the minor program.

Please click here for information on receiving a minor declaration form in Italian Studies.


ITAL 3010       Advanced Italian I
ITAL 3020       Advanced Italian II

ITAL 3040      Advanced Italian language III (Siena only)

ITAL 3050      Advanced Italian IV (Siena only)


There are two kinds of courses within Group B: those that are taught in Italian, and those that are taught in English.

For the minor, you must take:

Taught in Italian: minimum of 2, maximum of 4 courses in this group

Taught in English: minimum 0, maximum of 2 courses in this group

For a list of current course offerings, please visit our course description page.

For a list of courses in Italian and English, please click below:

Taught in Italian – minimum of 3, maximum of 6 courses in this group; courses include:

ITAL 3110            Medieval and Renaissance Masterpieces
ITAL 3120            Contemporary Literature
ITAL 3250            Italian Love Poetry in the Middle Ages and Renaissance (Siena only)
ITAL 3300            Fine Young Cannibals and Other Stories … (Siena only)
ITAL 3559            New Course in Italian
ITAL 3720            Novella (Italian Short Narrative)
ITAL 3730            Romanzo (Italian Novel)
ITAL 3740            Teatro (Italian Theater)
ITAL 3760            Italian Travel Literature
ITAL 3770            Culture of Italian Comedy
ITAL 3040            Advanced Italian Language III (Siena only)
ITAL 3050            Advanced Italian Language IV (Siena only)
ITAL 4350            Representations of Women in Italian Literature
ITAL 4450            Lights and Shadows: Italian 18th Century Literature
ITAL 4810            Italian Pop Culture: 1960’s to 1990’s
ITAL 4993            Independent Study
ITAL 5250            Dante: The Divine Comedy

**Also: literature/film/culture courses taken in Italian at UVa in Siena (direct credit) or UVa in Florence (transfer credit), or other approved relevant transfer credit

Taught in English – minimum of 0, maximum of 3 courses in this group; No pre-requisites, courses may be taken at any time; courses include:

ITTR 2260            Dante in Translation (on-grounds and Siena)
ITTR 2559            New Course in Italian in Translation
ITTR 2630            Italian History and Culture through Film (on-grounds and Siena)
ITTR 2710            Italian Cultural History (Siena only)
ITTR 3215            Dante’s Italy (cross-listed with History)
ITTR 3580            Sister Arts: Literary-Artistic Relations in the Italian Renaissance
ITTR 3710            From Fiction to Film
ITTR 3758            Love Affair with Tuscany (J-term 2011)
ITTR 3770            The Culture of Italian Comedy
ITTR 3775            Acting Italian: Benigni, Goldoni, Fo
ITTR 4559            New Course in Italian in Translation
ITTR 4820            Italian Pop Culture from the 1960s to the Present
ITTR 5250            Dante’s Purgatory in Translation

**Also: literature/film/culture courses taken in English in UVa in Siena (direct credit) or UVa in Florence (transfer credit), or other approved relevant transfer credit



(Minimum 0, maximum of 2 courses taken in other disciplines/departments outside ITAL and ITTR)