Recent Graduates

Some of our recent graduates include:


Catherine Addington: "Selected Writings of Saint Rafael Arnáiz Barón: A Translation" (completed 2021; directed Allison Bigelow)

Adam Cohn: Beyond Sefarad: Philo-Sephardism and the Early Twentieth-Century Spanish Novel (completed 2021; directed by Andrew Anderson)

María Esparza Rodríguez: Cartographies of Vulnerability: Body and Space in Contemporary Mexican Literature and Culture (completed 2021; directed by María-Inés Lagos)

Alexa Jeffress: Writing and Re-Writing the Working-Class Experience in Barcelona, 1888-1923" (completed 2021; directed by Andrew Anderson)

Benjamin Romero: “Autorretratos de la escritora-artista: biografía visual y construcciones de identidad en los collages de Carmen Martín Gaite” (completed 2021; directed by Sam Amago)

Thomas Antorino: “‘Feminine’ Bestsellers: Gender and the Question of Modernity in the Spanish Short Novel (1907-1936)” (completed 2020; directed by Andrew Anderson)

Astrid Ochoa Campo: “Las madres cuentan: Maternidad como experiencia en la narrativa de autoras colombianas y US-colombianas contemporáneas” (completed 2020; directed by Maria-Inés Lagos)

Jessica Marroquín: “Figures of Death: Hybridity and Violence in la Santa Muerte” (completed 2020; directed Sam Amago)

Andrea Pauw: “Verses to Live By: Aljamiado Poetry in Mudejar and Morisco Communities” (completed 2020; directed by Michael Gerli)

Óscar Ruiz Hernández: “Crossings: Identidad, trabajo y movilidad social en el teatro del largo Siglo XVIII en España” (completed 2020; directed by David Gies)


Nicole Bonino: "Hacerse la América": procesos de híbridación imaginados en la literatura migratoria italo-argentina” (completed 2019; directed by Fernando Opere)

Jessica Daves: "Embracing the Second Soul: Bilingualism in Caribbean-American-English Texts” (completed 2019; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Loreto Romero Martínez Eiroa: "Anamorphosis: Reading and Imagining Celestina on the Edge of Modernity" (completed 2019; directed by E. Michael Gerli)

Joanne Britland: “‘La literatura de la crisis’: The 2008 Financial Collapse and Contemporary Spanish Cultural Production” (completed 2019; directed by Andrew Anderson)

Lauren Kathleen Reynolds: "Global Migrations in Cuban and Cuban American Literature: What is Carried, What is Lost, and What is Left Behind" (completed 2018; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Anthony Pasero-O’Malley: “Stagings of the Sign: Semiotics and Spanish Experimental Theatre” (completed 2018; directed by Andrew A. Anderson)

Alicia Salinas: "“Tu táan yich in kaajal” [The Face of My People]: Contemporary Maya-Spanish Bilingual Literature and Cultural Production from the Yucatan Peninsula" (completed 2018; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Melissa J. Frost: "Herbs that Madden, Herbs that Cure: A History of Hallucinogenic Plant Use in Colonial Mexico" (completed 2017; directed by Fernando Operé)

Nasser Meerkhan: "Al-Andalus in Text and Context: Stories and Histories of Medieval and Early Modern Iberia" (completed 2017; directed by E. Michael Gerli)

Judith K. Lang Hilgartner: "Belonging to Exile: the Elusive Homelands of the Sephardic Jews" (completed 2017; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Elena Neacsu: “The Body Unveiled: Anatomy and Interiority in Early Modern Spain” (completed 2017; directed by Ricardo Padrón)

Rachel Finney: “Representations of Women in Post-War Spain: Gender and Performance in Recent Novels and Films” (completed 2017; directed by Andrew A. Anderson)

Nora Benedict: “The Fashioning of Jorge Luis Borges: Magazines, Books, and Print Culture in Argentina (1930-1951)” (completed: 2017; directed by Andrew A. Anderson)

Kristin Connor: "Playing with Propaganda and Patronage: The Intersections of Masculinity and Public Image in Early Colonial Chilean Literature" (completed 2016; directed by Ricardo Padrón)

Casey Eriksen: "The Poet and His Readers: The Social and Poetic Matrix of Garcilaso de la Vega" (completed 2016; directed by E. Michael Gerli)

Ryan Johnson: “¿El vencedor es Dioniso?: The Aesthetics of Balance in the Works of Roberto Bolaño” (completed 2016; directed by María-Inés Lagos)

Nicholas Wolters: "Men of the Cloth: Fashioning the Clergy in the Spanish Novel (1843–1925)" (completed 2016; directed by Randolph Pope)

Diana Galarreta Aima: "Volviendo a España de tierras musulmanas: experiencia y transformación del cautiverio en la literatura de los retornados" (completed 2015; directed by Alison Weber)

Jennifer Barlow: "Iberian Daughters of Sappho: Female Friendship in Early Modern Spain" (completed 2015; directed by Alison Weber)

Juan Martínez Millán: "Aproximación a las auto poéticas de cuatro poetas latinoamericanos: Diana Bellessi, Antonio Cisneros, Eduardo Espina, José Emilio Pacheco" (completed 2015)

Gabrielle Miller: "Mapping the Imagination: Feminine Embodiment in the Novels of Benito Pérez Galdós" (completed 2015; directed by Randolph Pope)

Davina Buivan Kotanchik: "Capital Values in Play: Representations of Economic Figures in Nineteenth-Century Spanish Theater" (completed 2014)

Anthony Cella: "Un análisis sociocrítico de algunas narconarrativas mexicanas" (completed 2014)

Zachary Ludington: “Palo cruzado, palo seco: Typography and Material Poetics in the Spanish Historical Avant-Garde” (completed 2014; directed by Andrew Anderson)

Gillian Price: “The New Queens of Crime: Images of Women Detectives in Contemporary Argentinean and Mexican Literature” (completed 2014; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Adriana Rojas Campbell: "From Manchay Tiempo to ‘Truth’: Cultural Trauma and Resilience in Contemporary Peruvian Narrative” (completed 2014; directed by Ricardo Padrón)

Makenzie Seiple: "Playing at Life: Childhood and Play in 20th-Century Spanish Literature and Film" (completed 2014; directed by Randolph Pope)

Kátia Sherman: "Cervantes, Premeditated Philosopher: Skepticism and the Novelas ejemplares" (completed 2014)

Alison Atkins: "Authorship at the fogones: Gastronomy and the Artist in Post-Transition Spain" (completed 2013; directed by Randolph Pope)

Sarah Bogard: "Against Gracias: The Poetics of the Erotic Gift in Early Modern Spain" (completed 2013)

Sarah Campbell: "Bourbon (Re)Conquests: Epic, Empire, and Enlightenment from Madrid to Mexico City" (completed 2013)

David F. Fernández Díaz: "Cien años después:  Huellas de Moratín en la crítica literaria y el teatro español (1828-1928)" (completed 2013; directed by David Gies)

Ashley Kerr: "Somos una raza privilegiada: Anthropology, Race, and Nation in the Literature of the River Plate, 1870-2010" (completed 2013)

Jeannie LaPlatney: "Manly Men and Demonic Women: Constructions of Masculinity in the Spanish Ballads" (completed 2013; directed by E. Michael Gerli)

Allison Libbey-Titus: "The Telling of Trauma: Narratives of Rape in Twentieth-Century Spanish-Language Literature" (completed 2013; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Tim McCallister: "The Philosophy of Don Quijote without Don Quijote" (completed 2013)

Janice R. North: "The Constructions of a Cultural Legacy: Queen María de Molina of Castile and the Political Discourses of Molinismo" (completed 2013; directed by E. Michael Gerli)

Rosa Mirna Sánchez Ferreiras: "Re-escrituras del cuento de hadas en la literatura hispánica contemporánea: Rosario Ferré, Carmen Martín Gaite, Luisa Valenzuela y Eliseo Diego" (completed 2013; directed by María-Inés Lagos)

Stephen Silverstein: "The Jewish Slave Trader Trope in Abolitionist Discourses of the Caribbean, 1839-1882" (completed 2012)

Natalie McManus Chu: “The Pirate Pathway: The Trajectory of the Pirate Figure in Peninsular Spanish Literature from the Nineteenth to the Twenty-First Century” (completed 2012; directed by Andrew Anderson)

Faith Harden: "Martial Masculinities: Gender, Genre, and the Self in Seventeenth-Century Spanish Soldiers' Autobiographies" (completed 2012; directed by Alison Weber)

Pedro Larrea Rubio: “Federico García Lorca en Buenos Aires” (completed 2012; directed by Andrew Anderson)

Karliana Sakas: "Servants of Desire, Masters of Deceit: The Discourse of Servitude in Selected Spanish Early Modern Novellas" (completed 2012)

Anne Stachura: "An Inhospitable World: The Post-national Imaginary in Latin American Novel and Film, 2000-2010" (completed 2012)

Ana Cornide: "Los ruidos del silencio: Tres ejemplos en la tradición del nuevo relato fantastic latinoamericano” (completed 2011; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Alejandra Gutiérrez: "El enigma del personaje escritor en la narrativa hispánica posmoderna" (completed 2011; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Alex Holland: "Allegories of Globalization: The United States in Recent Latin American Narrative" (completed 2011)

Katherine Karr-Cornejo: “Our Nation, Ourselves: Constructions of Subjectivity in Chilean Historical Fiction of the Democratic Transition (1990–2010)” (completed 2011; directed by María-Inés Lagos)

Miguel Rivera Taupier: "Borges y las Subversiones del Género Policial en Latinoamérica" (completed 2011)


Eunice Rojas: “Going (In) Sane:  Deconstructing Madness in Contemporary Argentine Narrative" (completed 2010; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Charlotte Le Moyne: "Becoming Nikkei: Reflections of Transcultural Identity in the Writing of Four Spanish American Writers of Japanese Descent" (completed 2010; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Germán de Patricio Anson: "Imagen pública, religión y política: la distinción, el capital simbólico y el antisemitismo en Quevedo" (completed 2010)

María del Carmen García Armero: "Reflejos de Narciso en la narrativa española contemporánea: José María Merino, Juan José Millás y Rosa Montero" (completed 2009; directed by Randolph Pope)

Julianna Gallardo: “Partículas revoltosas: la infancia en la literatura fantástica mexicana del siglo XX” (completed 2009; directed by María-Inés Lagos) 

Amy Frazier Yoder: "Character Creation: Scientists, Authors, Gods and Lovers" (completed 2009)

Daniel E. Hartnett: "The Political and Social Use of Dante in Fifteenth-Century Iberian Court Culture" (completed 2009; directed by E. Michael Gerli)

Alicia López-Operé: “Poetas del siglo XXI: Los caminos de la joven poesía Española” (completed 2009; directed by Andrew Anderson)

Amy Roeland-Sentell: “Spain’s Decadent Dilemma: Science and Art versus Nature in the Forgotten Novel of fin de siglo” (completed 2009; directed by Andrew Anderson)

Andrea Smith: "Acting White: Dramatic Representations of Race in Nineteenth-Century Peru" (completed 2009)

David Keith Vassar: "Transformational fictions: Ritualized autobiography in contemporary novels from Chile and Argentina" (completed 2009; directed by Randolph Pope)

Frazier Yoder: “The Character Creator in Twentieth-Century Latin American Literature:  Metafiction, Metaphysics, Power and Projections of Desire” (completed 2009; directed by María-Inés Lagos)

Irene Gómez Castellano: "Máscaras y autorretratos: El yo poético en la poesía rococo española" (completed 2008; directed by David Gies)

Keith Howard: "The Early-Modern Reception of Machiavelli in Spain: A Critical Edition of Juan Lorenzo Ottevanti's Discurso de Machiaueli (1552)" (completed 2008; directed by E. Michael Gerli)

Leslie Maxwell Kaiura: "Battered angels: Domestic violence in Spanish literature, 1850–1925" (completed 2008; directed by Randolph Pope)

Ana María Mutis: “Voices that Kill: Violent Narrators in Contemporary Latin American Fiction" (completed 2008; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Virginia Newhall Rademacher: "Biographical questioning and the quest for the real in contemporary Spanish narrative" (completed 2008; directed by Randolph Pope)

Diana Q. Palardy (Burkhart): "Dystopian impulses in contemporary peninsular literature and film" (completed 2008; directed by Randolph Pope)

Cristina Maria Percoco: "The seduction of objects: Understanding desire and material culture in Emilia Pardo Bazán's short fiction" (completed 2008; directed by Randolph Pope)

Patricia Reagan: "The Other 'I': The New Narcissism of Postmodernism First Person; Non-Protagonist Narrators in Novels by Jose Donoso, Elena Garro, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Mario Vargas Llosa" (completed 2008)

Arantxa Ascunce: “The Avant-Garde Spirit in Spain: Poetry, Politics, Art, Protagonists, Press” (completed 2007; directed by Andrew Anderson)

Darren Aversa: "Phantomatic Discourse in the New Historical Novel" (completed 2007)

Ann Gutiérrez: "Pedro de Peralta's Lima Fundada: Textual Hybridity and Early Eighteenth-Century Ideologies of Identity" (completed 2007)

Elizabeth Marcela Pettinaroli: "Literary Emplacements: Chorography and Placemaking in the Early Modern Hispanic World" (completed 2007; directed by Ricardo Padrón)

Virginia Talley: “Hybridity in the Novels of José Donoso, Severo Sarduy, Diamela Eltit, and Pedro Lemebel" (completed 2007; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Paul David Begin: "Anglo-American rock in Peninsular “Generation X” fiction" (completed 2006; directed by Randolph Pope)

José Manuel Hidalgo: "Alegoria y apocalipsis: Encuentros equinos en el libro de buen amor" (completed 2006; directed by E. Michael Gerli)

Ilka Kressner: “Stages of Disquiet: Evocations of Space in Latin American Short Fiction and Its Cinematographic Transformation" (completed 2006; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Iana Konstantinova: "Postmodernist Metafictional Crime Narratives in Chile and Argentina" (completed 2005)

Kimberly Vega: “La isla de mi encanto: nation, language and geography in the literary development of Puerto Rican identity" (completed 2005; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Christine Blackshaw Naberhaus: ""Todo sobre su madre": Oedipal Knots and Absent Mothers in Spanish Romantic Tragedy" (completed 2004; directed by David Gies)

Matthew Bentley: "La ropa de la pena: The Materiality of Love, Language, and Representation in Question de amor" (completed 2004; directed by E. Michael Gerli)

Carol Harllee (†): "Sixteenth-Century Self-Help: Reception of the Dialogue in Spain" (completed 2004)

Troy Prinkey: "From the Margin and Into the Mainstream: Assimilative Elements of the Contemporary Gay Mexican Novel (1980-2000)" (completed 2004)

Matthieu Raillard: "Writing the Author: Metafiction, Narrative Strategy and the Discourse of Authority in the Spanish 18th Century" (completed 2004; directed by David Gies)

Samuel Amago: "True lies: Narrative self -consciousness in the contemporary Spanish novel" (completed 2003; directed by Randolph Pope)

María Celeste Delgado Librero: "Jaume Roig's Spill: A Diplomatic Edition and an English Translation of Ms. Vat. Lat. 4806" (completed 2003; directed by E. Michael Gerli)

Vanessa Heitner: "Redressing Herodotus: The Historical Novel in Post-Dictatorship Argentina" (completed 2003)

Sylvain Poosson: "La historia silenciada: Los afroargentinos, protagonistas de un drama social" (completed 2003)

Todd Price: "The Stage in the Streets: Calderon de La Barca's Autos Sacramentales in the Urban Landscape of Madrid" (completed 2003; directed by Ricardo Padrón)

Matthew Marr: “The ‘Metapoetics’ of Postmodernism: Self-Consciousness and Creative Renewal in Peninsular Verse of 1980s and 1990s” (completed 2003; directed by Andrew Anderson)

Susan Walter: "The Interplay of Feminism in Emilia Pardo Bazan's Essays and Short Stories" (completed 2003)

Jeffrey Bersett: "El Burlado de Sevilla: Nineteenth Century Theatrical Appropriations of Don Juan Tenorio" (completed 2002; directed by David Gies)

Emily Hind: “After Ours: Six Mexican Women Writers on Borrowed Time" (completed 2001; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Raquel Chiquillo: "El compromiso social, la lirica y los problemas de clasificacion: Dos caminos dentro de la poesia centroamericana (Cardenal, Dalton, Debravo y Escobar Galindo)" (completed 2001)

Margaret Ewalt: "A Colonial Cabinet of Curiosities: Joseph Gumilla's Wunderkammer. El Orinoco Ilustrado and the Rhetoric of Wonder" (completed 2001; directed by Ruth Hill)

Christy Hyland: "Emilia Pardo Bazan and the Sexing of the Soul" (completed 2001)

H.J. Manzari: “Histories in Conflict and the Crisis of Truth in the Contemporary Caribbean Novel" (completed 2001; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Javier Torre: "Los libros de viajes espanoles en la era del turismo y de la postmodernidad" (completed 2001)


Jennifer McCune: "Decentering Cuba: Diary Writing and the Post-Colonial Experience, 1868-1898" (completed 2000; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

James Andrew Austin: "Voluntad and Gana: The Construction of Personality in Unamuno" (completed 2000; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

J. Andrew Brown: “Test Tube Envy Science and Power in Argentine Narrative from Sarmiento to Giardinelli” (completed 2000; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Kelly Dunn: “Representative Detective Fiction Writers from Mexico and Argentina: Socio-Political Factors and Literary Context” (completed 1998; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Anne Massey: “The Hero's Quest in Postmodernity: Searches for Identity in the Hispanic New Narrative” (completed 1997; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

José Delgado Costa: "Binarración y parodia en las novelas de Osvaldo Soriano.” (completed 1996; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Karen Rauch: "Mothers and Other Strangers: Representations of the Maternal in Spanish Romantic Discourse" (completed 1996; directed by David Gies)

Elizabeth Franklin Lewis: "Feminine Discourse and Subjectivity in the Works of Josefa Amar y Borbón, María Gertrudis Hore and María Rosa Gálvez" (completed 1993; directed by David Gies)

Magda T. Vergara: "El discurso femenino de Juana Manuela Gorriti" (completed 1992; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Alvin Sherman: "Mariano Jose de Larra: A Directory of Historical Personages and Literary Figures in His Writings (With Computerized Indices)" (completed 1990; directed by David Gies)

Susan Walter: "The Interplay of Feminism in Emilia Pardo Bazan's Essays and Short Stories" (completed 2003)

Pamela McNab Wilson: "The Narrative and Structural Significance of Animals in the Short Stories of Julio Cortázar" (completed 1992; directed by Gustavo Pellón)