Mauricio Acuña

Mauricio Herrera Acuña
Rising Scholar Postdoctoral Fellow
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Mauricio Acuña is a scholar of Afro-Latin American Studies, specializing in modern and contemporary literatures and cultures of African Diaspora in the Americas, with a special focus on Brazil and Cuba. His research interests include the poetics, performances and aesthetics of Afro-diasporic artists and intellectuals, Black internationalisms in the Global South, race relations, anti-racist practices between Africa and the Americas, and Digital Humanities applied to spatial translation of aesthetics. As a Rising Scholar postdoctoral fellow in the Global Studies Program and Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, Acuña will develop his book project, Poetics and Performances of Afro-Atlantic Imaginations: The First World Festival of Negro Arts, which explores how previously understudied Afro-Latin American artists and writers shaped the aesthetic creations, anti-racist politics, and the rise of a Black Internationalism in the South Atlantic between 1930-2010. He is the author of the book A ginga da nação: intelectuais na capoeira e capoeiristas intelectuais (Editora Alameda, 2015), honorable mention of the Silvio Romero Prize from the National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage, Ministry of Culture, Brazil, and the co-editor of Marcadores sociais da diferença: fluxos, trânsitos e intersecções (UFG Publisher, 2018). Acuña also collaborated on the new critical edition of Sérgio Buarque de Holanda’s Raízes do Brasil (Companhia das Letras, 2016). His work appears in journals such as Sociologia & Antropologia, Revista Trilhos, Biblioteca Virtual do Pensamento Social and PROA. At UVA, Mauricio is eager to participate in research collaborations like the Global South Lab, the Greater Caribbean Studies Network, the Latin American Studies Program, and the Scholar’s Lab.



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