Thank a Prof, Thank a TA: Student Comments from Spring 2020

May 30, 2020

In response to the extraordinary challenges of moving online in the middle of the semester, the Center for Teaching Excellence organized the Thank A Prof/Thank a TA campaign. Click here to learn about the campaign or to thank your professor/TA.

Reading these notes have brought us joy in a difficult time, and we're excited to share them.

Here are some of our students' comments:

Thank you for being one of the best instructors I've ever had! Your cheerful spirit and patience made the classroom experience all about learning, and loving what we learn. I was genuinely happy to come to your classes and I feel like the material you have taught will be with me for years to come. I have never truly felt genuine care from an instructor towards their students until I was in your class! -- ITAL 1020

Thank you for being such a wonderful professor. Learning Spanish has been the best part of my last year and I hope to build on the foundation you helped me with. -- SPAN 1010

Thank you for teaching me Spanish for both of the past two semesters! You made learning Spanish fun and easier by playing Spanish music for us and the meditation minute was something cool I've never had a teacher do. Those fun activities made getting up early to learn fun and relaxing. -- SPAN 1020

Thank you for a great semester. If there is one class I looked forward to every day, it was your class. Your positive attitude always brightened my day, especially during online classes. Your class made me enjoy learning the Spanish language and helped me become confident in my speaking skills. I hope you forever maintain your joyful spirit; it is inspiring. Thank you once again, and have a great summer! -- SPAN 1060

Professor Young, I just wanted to say thank you for a great semester! Not only did you help me take giant leaps as a spanish student but your class provide a consistent pick-me-up every single day. I know that I may not have always stayed on task haha but your class always put a smile on my face. Thanks for truly caring for your students and being there for us, long live SPAN 1060! -- SPAN 1060

Thank you Profesora Garcia Prados for making this year so enjoyable. Your in-class activities, laid back nature, and constant enthusiasm have made this class one of my favorites so far at UVA. I hope you continue running your class in the same way because you make learning Spanish exciting every day. I very much wish I could have you as a professor next for SPAN 2020. Thank you for all the memories and knowledge, and I wish you the best. -- SPAN 2010

Thank you for such a great semester! As much as I missed coming to your class, you made the online meetings very enjoyable. You were very understanding and helpful throughout the course of the semester. Thank you for being such a great Spanish teacher! -- SPAN 2020

You did a wonderful job supporting and encouraging my learning in and out of the classroom. I hope to see you on grounds in the fall. -- SPAN 2020

Dear Profesora, Thank you for being one of the best and most influential professors I have had at UVA so far and making the transition to online classes much easier and as interactive as possible. Your commitment to helping and connecting with all of your students is something that I feel like makes you stand out as a professor. Without a doubt, I can definitely say that I have grown from your class both academically and personally. Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you soon! -- SPAN 3010

Overall, I am thankful for you being such an understanding and caring professor and for supporting your students during the switch online. I felt a handwritten note was more personal, so please read my message in the attached photo!! Thank you :) -- SPAN 3010

Thank you for putting so much time and effort into our class! I am so impressed and grateful for how great of a professor you were under such difficult circumstances. I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to have a young child during this time while also having a full time job, but you have done an amazing job. Have a great summer! -- SPAN 3010

Thank you for being so accomodating during the pandemic. You made learning worthwhile and engaging despite the circumstances. Thanks for a great semester! -- SPAN 3010

Dear Profesora, I cannot thank you enough for your course and genuine interest in helping me when I was struggling in the course. I am very grateful for your time and how you devised a strategy that worked for me specifically to succeed in your class. I hope I made you proud in following your advice, putting in the hard work, and succeeding. I believe that the content of your course is the most valuable and applicable I will ever take at UVA. I will take the lessons learned with me throughout my career. You truly believed in me as a student, and I will take that forward even more. Muchisimas gracias. -- SPAN 3050

Querida profesora Rabke, muchas gracias por su flexibilidad y amabilidad durante este tiempo difícil. Ud. ha hecho que todos nuestros vidas sean más fáciles mientras todavía alentando nuestro aprendizaje. ¡GRACIAS! -- SPAN 3300

This class totally changed how I saw my major and what direction I wanted to take. While teaching us about the history, this class also helped me realize the resources we have at our fingertips (Special Collections, UVA Library system, etc.) You went above and beyond what you needed to to make us all feel welcome and safe in your classroom. Regardless of our ability level, all of the students knew you were someone to come to about anything - Spanish related or otherwise. Thank you, Prof. Bigelow! -- SPAN 3420

Dear Professor, Thank you for continually making our health and well being a priority. You were the first professor I received an email from when we first heard we were going to be transitioning to virtual. Your kind works and efforts to support us as students does not go unnoticed. Thank you for reiterating your care for us and for always asking how we are doing. And for making our day with visits from Lily! Thank you. -- SPAN 3420

Thank you so much for your efforts to adjust the course after classes went online. You have shown me and every student in the class that you genuinely care about our wellbeing and that you hope to support us without compromising our academic experience. Your prompt communication and comforting words helped me adjust to quarantine life, and I sincerely appreciate your dedication to us students. I am so thankful for everything that I have learned and for all of your feedback and encouragement throughout the semester. ¡Gracias! -- SPAN 4040