Job Announcement: In-Residence Director, Casa Bolívar

April 10, 2017
La Casa Bolívar is seeking an In-Residence Director/Language Assistant for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Click here to send your statement of purpose, including qualifications and interests, to the current Spanish House Faculty Liaison, Laura Aguilar Garcia.

Application deadline is April 21.

The post of in-Residence Director is generally assigned to a graduate student of the Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. However, graduate students from other departments are also eligible to apply as long as they speak Spanish fluently and demonstrate a proven record of dedication to and interest in Latino, Latin American and Spanish Peninsular culture. The duration of the term is one academic year. The in-Residence Director lives at the Casa Bolívar (Room 118) and has the following primary duties:
• Attend to the Language House Workshop Saturday, August 26.
• Serve as a liaison between (a) the House and the Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, as well as between (b) the House and Housing.
• Enforce the Spanish-Only Rule at all times.
• Keep every bed occupied for the duration of the academic year by conducting interviews and reviewing all applications. Interviews are to be conducted solely by the in-residence director, who turns recommendations to Housing and Residence Life for their final approval. This applies to all new and prospective residents.
• Oversee the programming of cultural events through the committee system in which all residents of the Casa Bolívar actively participate.
• Turn in grades for SPAN 4800-Language House. This course can only be taken on a pass/no pass basis.
• Train the incoming in-Residence Director on the Casa Bolívar’s administration procedures.
The University of Virginia pays for your housing and meal plan fees. The meal plan you will receive is the “Semester 80”—as the name indicates, the plan includes 80 meals per semester. These include dinner at the House Monday through Thursday in addition to any other meals you may wish to consume at any of the Dining Halls on grounds. In addition, the meal plan includes 175 Plus Dollars, which can be used at any UVA cash dining location for food purchases, such as the Alderman Café.
Immersion offers the best possible means of mastering a language. Common living areas provide residents with the chance to chat casually, while nightly dinners provide for a more structured gathering. Daily interaction, periodic meetings, and a wide range of planned activities enable students to explore their common interests in the culturally diverse Spanish-speaking world, and to provide a place for residents to exchange stories about their personal experiences in Latin America or Spain. The Casa Bolívar welcomes native speakers; non-native students who have lived, traveled extensively, or studied abroad; and students currently enrolled in Spanish courses.
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