Garth and Giuliano Awards for Spanish majors, 2017

May 4, 2017

Please join us in congratulating Savannah Artusi, Kate Eagen, and Lisa Trinh, this year's recipients of the Marie M. Giuliano Award and the Virginia Louis Garth Scholarship!

The Marie M. Giuliano Award is given to a fourth-year graduating student on the basis of demonstrated academic excellence in Spanish language study and a contribution to the growth and nurturing of Spanish  at the University. For her academic excellence and her contributions to the cultural activities of the Casa Bolívar, the Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese recognizes Savannah Artusi (CLAS 2017) with the Giuliano Award.

And for their wonderful translation of Sor Juana’s redondilla “Hombres necios,” published on the Early Americas Digital Archive, we recognize Kate Eagen (CLAS 2018) and Lisa Trinh (CLAS 2018) with the Garth Scholarship. This scholarship is offered to an undergraduate student from Virginia who has demonstrated outstanding academic performance and who has contributed to the life and well-being of the Spanish Department. It is offered by the Garth family in honor of their late daughter. For their collaborative work in literary studies, the Department recognizes Kate and Lisa.

Congratulations Savannah, Kate, and Lisa!

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Garth and Giuliano Awards for Spanish majors, 2017