"Decolonizing the Digital Humanities" Media Coverage

April 30, 2019

Thanks to everyone who participated in our conference on "Decolonizing the Digital Humanities: Indigenous Arts, Histories, and Knowledges from the Material to the Screen." This event was designed to recognize the place of Indigenous scholars and Indigenous studies at UVa in this, the UNESCO Year of Indigenous Languages.

From April 5-6, we hosted leading scholars and artists from Indigenous and settler communities in Australia, Latin America, and the US.

If you missed the event, our friends at the Cavalier Daily and DH@UVa have provided thorough media coverage.

You can find the full program, with links to speaker bios and contact information, here.

Thanks again to everyone who presented, attended, and helped to sponsor the event. The conference was sponsored by the Page-Barbour Fund for Interdisciplinary Scholarship, Institute of Humanities and Global Cultures, Center for Global Inquiry and Innovation, McIntire Department of Art, and Center for the Americas/Centro de las Américas.