Italian 1010-2020

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Placement Guidelines

Please click here to download a copy of the placement chart for ITAL 1010-2020.

It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with College of Arts & Sciences and Departmental policies on placement and enrollment in language courses.

In keeping with the College of Arts & Sciences Area Requirements, courses taken to fulfill the world language requirement:

  • Must be taken for credit and a grade.
  • Must be fulfilled only at UVA or at a UVA approved abroad program. (The College will NOT allow courses to transfer from other U.S. colleges/universities to fulfill the world language requirement.)

When selecting courses, please keep the following in mind:

  • You may not enroll in a course different from the one into which you’ve placed.You are not permitted to enroll in a level different from your placement.
  • If you place yourself incorrectly, you will receive an F for the course in which you enroll without permission.
  • If you have prior experience in Italian you must enroll based on your score on the SAT II Exam, AP Exam, IB (high level) Exam, or the UVA Online Placement Diagnostic. If you have scores from more than one of these exams must enroll based on the higher placement. 
  • If you have prior experience in Italian, but have NOT taken any of the above exams, you must take the UVA Online Placement Diagnostic to enroll in a language course.
  • You will be required to show your instructor proof of placement on the first day of class.

Italian Course Sequence

  • ITAL 1010 is reserved exclusively for students who have never studied Italian before.
  • The sequence of courses, depending on the level at which the student begins, is as follows: ITAL 1010-1020-2010-2020; or ITAL 1020-2010-2020; or ITAL 2010 & 2020; or ITAL 2020. The sequence must be followed to complete the language requirement.

For additional information about placement in Italian courses, please click here.

Additional Resources and Documents

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