Research Faculty

Kelly Moore



Kelly Moore is an Assistant Professor of Modern and Contemporary Spanish Literature and Culture. Kelly completed her PhD in the Department of Romance Studies at Cornell University and her undergraduate degree at the University of Wyoming. Kelly is currently completing her first book project, Family Sovereignty, which engages with secularism and social reproduction across a range of modern and contemporary Iberian literature and film. You can read Kelly’s latest work here.


Lorena Albert Ferrando



Lorena Albert Ferrando’s research lies in the intersection of philology, linguistics, and historiography in Spain and in the Americas. She is particularly interested in language ideologies and in the history of Spanish language teaching in the United States and in Latin America. 

Allison Bigelow

Research Summary

I study the history of science in the early Americas, from Virginia to Potosí. I am especially interested in developing language-centered methods that document the ideas and practices of historically marginalized actors, such as women, Indigenous, and African diasporic knowledge holders in vernacular sciences like mining, metallurgy, and agriculture. For updates about my research, please visit or ORCID.


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