Italian in Translation Fall 2020

Italian in Translation (ITTR) Courses – Taught in English

ITTR 3685 -  Italy on Screen:  Sex, Gender and Racial Identities in the Glocal Context with Francesca Calamita

  • Section 001 MW 3:30pm-4:45pm NAU 241

Counts as elective to major/minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality

This course considers representations of sex, gender and racial identities in Italian films, television, advertisements and other forms of visual culture. With a focus on the contemporary Italian context, students will explore issues of intersectionality from a global perspective. An intersectional feminist approach will frame class discussion, where, Italian society and its culture will be read through a perspective that emphasizes the interconnectedness between gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, disability, social class and immigration status, among other layers of identity. Lectures will offer a close reading of both critically acclaimed and more mainstream works, trying to answer the following question: what can Italian cinema, television and advertising tell us about diversity and inclusion in the worldwide context?

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