Italian in Translation (ITTR) Spring 2020

Italian in Translation (ITTR) Courses – Taught in English

ITTR 3280– Michelangelo: The Artist, The Man, and His World

MoWe 2:00PM-3:15PM in New Cabell Hall 303

Currently Listed as ITTR 3559. Michelangelo’s name conjures genius and a nearly superhuman achievement in the arts. Contemporaries elevated him as the supreme sculptor, painter and architect of the age. His work offers a window on a deeply personal vision and rich artistic culture. Michelangelo’s creativity extends to many media—sculpture, painting, architecture, and writing in poetry and prose. This course focuses on all these pursuits. The course is not only about the extraordinary achievements of this Renaissance luminary but the ways in which we can analyze and compare visual and written works. We will examine closely the artist’s poems and letters, contemporary assessments of his artistic achievements, critical articles, and recent digital projects involving his work. Through an analysis of a wide range of contemporary digital projects we will explore how audiences today adapt earlier masterpieces for audiences today. This course is intended to enhance students’ skills in analyzing visual and literary artefacts. This skill is crucial in our media age which relies increasingly on visual messages and the interplay of text and image.

ITTR 5250 - Dante’s Purgatory in Translation

W 4:00pm-6:00PM in New Cabell Hall 303

This course focuses on Dante’s Purgatory, the realm of the saved, and the second canticle of the Divine Comedy. It introduces readers to a wondrous light and song-filled world. Each class will be a devoted to a close reading and discussion of themes, among them the treatment of political corruption, free will, source of evil in the universe, the relationship between church and state, and the role of liturgy and prayer in the path to salvation. We will also explore artistic treatments of Purgatory and the use of music in this realm. The course is intended for undergraduate and graduate with knowledge of the Inferno. 


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