Portuguese Spring 2018

Portuguese (PORT) Courses – Taught in Portuguese

PORT 2120 – Intermediate Intensive Portuguese with Lilian Feitosa

Prerequisite: Completion of FREN 2020 or SPAN 2020, or instructor permission.

  • Section 001 MoWeFr 11:00-11:50AM in New Cabell Hall 291
  • Section 002 MoWeFr 12:00-12:50PM in New Cabell Hall 211
  • Section 003 MoWeFr 1:00-1:50PM in New Cabell Hall 211

[From Course Catalog] Introduces speaking, understanding, reading and writing Portuguese, especially as used in Brazil. Five class hours and one laboratory hour. Followed by PORT 2120. 

POTR 4559 – New Course: Contemporary Brazilian Cinema with Eli Carter

MoWe 3:30-4:45PM in New Cabell Hall 056

The objective of this class is to provide a general overview of film production in Brazil since 1990. We will screen and discuss a variety of documentary and feature-length fiction films. Each of the films falls into at least one of five thematic categories: 1) the urban city 2) the underdeveloped countryside 3) identity 4) politics and 5) consumption. With these broader themes in mind, we will pay special attention to the films’ respective portrayals of violence, race, class, and sexuality, particularly as they unfold in a context increasingly marked by globalization and neoliberalism.

Undergraduate Courses