SIP FilmFest 2018: Ana de día / Ana by Day

Directed by Andrea Jaurrieta, Spain, 2017. Drama. 110 min. (trailer / details)
Charlottesville City Hall Council Chambers

  • 8–8:10pm Introduction to the film
  • 8:10–10:30pm Film and discussion

Ana de día tackles a dilemma: what would you do if you found out one day that a doppelganger who was absolutely identical to you had been impersonating you, and no one seemed to realize or think anything of it? Instead of trying to recover her lost identity, Ana prefers to explore her own boundaries, attempting to find meaning in her own life and seeking her own freedom. However, she will discover that the freedom she craves so strongly does not always bring happiness.

Charlottesville City Hall Council Chambers
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Saturday, September 29, 2018 7:00 PM