Andrea Pauw

Andrea Pauw

PhD Candidate
Office Hours:
Wed 11:00-12:00; Th 2:15-3:15


Ph.D., Spanish (expected May 2020), University of Virginia
M.A., Spanish (May 2016) University of Virginia
B.A., Hispanic Studies, Minor in Music (May 2013) Davidson College, Magna cum laude

Research Interests

  • Aljamiado manuscripts
  • Medieval and Early Modern Iberian Cultures and History
  • Mudejars and Moriscos
  • 19th-century historiographical and artistic representations of Moriscos
  • Linguistic Anthropology


"Verses to Live By: Aljamiado Poetry in Mudejar and Morisco Communities" examines the poetic texts written by Aragonese Muslims in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. After their forcible conversion at the beginning of the sixteenth century, many “Moriscos,” as they were now called, conserved their Islamic faith through the diffusion of “Aljamiado” manuscripts. Aljamiado refers to romance written with the Arabic script; the transliteration system originated among Castilian and Aragonese Mudejars. Over 200 extant manuscripts composed in Aljamiado, Arabic, and Spanish in Latin characters—both in Spain and in North African exile—offer fascinating insight into the Mudejars' and Moriscos' creative perseverance. Attending to Aljamiado and Arabic poetic compositions through the lens of linguistic anthropology reveals the ways in which Mudejars and Moriscos negotiated the boundaries of belonging and exclusion in Early Modern Iberia. The project also examines the nineteenth-century legacy of the Moriscos' history. Historiographical and visual representations coincided with burgeoning interest in the Aljamiado corpus. My research highlights connections between the reception of Aljamiado texts and reconciliations of Spain's Islamic past in a tumultuous present. 


  • Texts and Interpretation (Fall 2017; Spring 2018)
  • Intermediate Spanish Language (Fall 2015; Summer 2016)
  • Don Quixote (Spring 2016): Teaching assistant for English and Spanish-language discussion
  • Spanish Grammar and Composition I (Fall 2016-Spring 2017)


“Epic Hares and Local Heroes: Vicente Pérez de Culla’s Expulsión de los moriscos rebeldes de la Sierra, y Muela de Cortes por Simeon Zapata Valenciano (1635).” Hispanic Review. Vol. 87 (Spring 2019): 159-181.
“Translating Footsteps”, Early American Literature 52.1 (February 2017). Conference Review: Translation and Transmission in the Early Americas of The Society of Early Americanists, with Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture.

Selected Presentations

 “From Bestselling Book to Confiscated Codex: Dichos de los siete sabios de Grecia in ‘Unbound Iberia.’" International Congress on Medieval Studies. Kalamazoo, MI. Spring 2019.

“Epic Hares and Local Heroes: Vicente Pérez de Culla’s Expulsión de los moriscos rebeldes.” Iberian (In)tolerance: Minorities, Cultural Exchanges, and Social Exclusion in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Era. Symposium sponsored by the London Arts & Humanities Partnership (LAHP) and King’s College. London, UK. Fall 2018. 

“Poetics of Prayer: Spanish Moriscos and Aljamiado Literature." MESALC Interdisciplinary Forum. Department of Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures. Charlottesville, VA. Fall 2018. Invited talk.

Grants & Awards

Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship, 2019-present

Jefferson Fellowship, Jefferson Scholars Foundation, Charlottesville, VA (2014-present)

Casa de Velázquez Research Fellowship, Madrid (Summer 2017)

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) Summer Research Grant, Charlottesville, VA  (Spring 2017)

Center for Global Inquiry and Innovation Graduate Student Research Grant, Charlottesville, VA (Spring 2017)

Institute of World Languages (IWL) Graduate Student Travel Grant, Charlottesville, VA  (Spring 2017)

Summer Language Language Study Grant, Charlottesville, VA  (Spring 2017)

Charles Gordon Reid, Jr. Fellowship, Madrid (Summer 2016)

Summer Language Study Fellowship, Charlottesville, VA (Summer 2015)

Davidson College Impact Fellowship, Mérida, Mexico (July 2013-June 2014)

Davidson College Research Grant, Buenos Aires (June 2012)

Plott Music Performance Scholarship, Davidson, NC (August 2009-May 2013)

Rufus Hallmark Writing Award, Davidson, NC (May 2012)

Phi Beta Kappa, Davidson College (May 2013)