Portuguese (PORT) Courses Spring 2019

Portuguese (PORT) Courses – Taught in Portuguese

PORT 2120 – Intermediate Intensive Portuguese with Lilian Feitosa

MoWeFr 11:00-11:50AM in New Cabell Hall 183

Prerequisite: Completion of FREN 2020 or SPAN 2020, or instructor permission.

Introduces speaking, understanding, reading and writing Portuguese, especially as used in Brazil. Five class hours and one laboratory hour. Followed by PORT 2120. 

PORT 2559 – New Course in Portuguese Begin-Intermediate Portuguese for Spanish Speakers with Lilian Feitosa

MoWeFr 12:00-12:50PM in New Cabell Hall 111

Please direct inquiries to the instructor.

PORT 3559 – New Course in Portuguese Advanced Portuguese: Music, Cinema & Literature with Lilian Feitosa

MoWe 2:00-3:15PM in Shannon House 111       

Please direct inquiries to the instructor.

Undergraduate Courses